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Houston Above Ground Pool Sales - AAM Co

Complete Above Ground Pool Kits – INSTALLED – Starting At $2,995.00

Good Pool – Yorkshire

Yorkshire Above Ground Pool

Better Pool – Deluxe 8000

Deluxe 8000 Above Ground Pool

Best Pool – Paragon

Paragon Above Ground Pool


AAM Company has been selling quality, well built, great looking above ground pools in the great state of Texas for the past 40 years. We have many relationships with many in-ground vinyl pool and above ground pool dealers all around the country. We know that you will get the best price for the pool that you choose. When AAM Company sells an in-ground vinyl pool or an above ground pool, we do not sub-contract out the work. All installations are preformed by AAM pool installation specialists. AAM Company has been in the above ground pool industry for over 40 years.

Over the years, we have sold and installed thousands of above ground pools. There are many reasons why AAM should be the pool company you choose for your next pool purchase and pool installation.

You Save Money!

With the booming business of on-line sales, everyone had to cut prices – including us. We can build you a custom above ground pool package, but we also have put together good, better and best pool packages. All of our packages come with a liner, filter system, ladder and installation. By combining all of these together, we are able to cut our manufactures costs which means YOU save money.

Experience – Both Sales and Installation

We have been in the business a long, long time helping many Texan’s choose which pool is best for them. We have sold and installed almost every type of above ground pool out there. We know which pools have the best warranties, which ones last the longest and which ones look the best. Unlike the other above ground pool companies in greater Houston area, we install the pools ourselves – we DO NOT use sub contractors to install the pools we sell. We require a minimum of 3 years of employment at AAM, before a foreman can start installing pools.

No Cost / No Obligation Sales Consultation

Now that you have decided to buy an above ground pool, now what? We have made the process simple. We will have an above ground pool specialist come out to your house to go over the many options that come with purchasing an above ground pool. After speaking with the AAM above ground pool specialist, he will be able to build a pool package for you that will fit your needs and your budget. Once again, we do this all at NO COST AND NO OBLIGATION.